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Born in Switzerland to an Ashkenazi/Sephardic mother and an English father, Marc Crofts’ musical identity, forged from his plural origins, has continued expanding over the years to encompass his broad-ranging interests, leading him to play with musicians from all over the world, from Istanbul to Seville.

His interest in traditional and folk music stems from his childhood. Marc’s family introduced him to an eclectic range of music: not only classical, but also jazz, klezmer, latin, and improvisation. Fascinated at a very early age by the charango, he nonetheless fell in love with another small stringed instrument, the violin – his obsession from the start was to travel widely and to travel light. 

Always eager to learn, Marc studied Ancient Greek and Philosophy at the University of Lausanne before going on to the Lausanne Haute Ecole de Musique. In parallel with his formal studies, Marc travelled extensively, expanding his musical vocabulary along the way.

Since 2018 he has devoted himself primarily to NOMADIM, his trio project, for which he has written original repertoire – exploring a lyrical and intimate jazz genre which echoes of Marc's travels. Their first album was released in 2021.

In 2022 the flamenco ensemble NASMA, with whom Marc has been playing since 2015, also released their first album.

In 2020, Marc teamed up with another violinist, Yardani Torres Maiani, to form FALSETAS, a flamenco violin duo. Their ongoing project has an important pedagogical component.

As a sideman, Marc performs regularly with numerous groups, and since 2020 he has been teaching violin at the eMa, Geneva's school of modern music. He also manages to find time to conduct and arrange for his KLEZMER ENSEMBLE.

Marc’s playing and compositions, nourished by multiple influences, are always infused with his own unique personality.

Photo : Diego Fernandez
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