Curious and passionate, Marc Crofts has immersed himself in a wide variety of different traditions, playing with musicians around the world, from Istanbul to Seville, developing a rich and personal musical sensibility in the process.


After completing jazz studies at the Lausanne conservatoire – strengthening his musical and narrative skills – Marc has continuously striven to expand his musical outlook, always adding a personal twist to tradition.

Founder of the band Gilgul (Balkan music), for who he wrote many originals, he also composes and performs regularly with a number of ensembles: Yolanda Almodovar Flamenco Band (Swiss, Spanish and Danish tours in 2018-19), Swing High, Gypson 5ive, Hotegezugt, etc.

In 2020 Marc is teaming up with violinist Yardani Torres Maiani for an exciting new flamenco violin duet...

Since 2018 he's been focusing mainly on his own trio project, with guitarist Railo Helmstetter and bassist Blaise Hommage. The ensemble plays lyrical jazz with a tinge of world music.

His playing and compositions, a mosaic of influences, are channelled by his open personality.