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Nomadim à Saint-François
Nomadim à Saint-François

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Our Music

This young trio takes the listener on a journey through a variety of musical landscapes.

They play what could be described as nomad jazz: original compositions that defy geographic and stylistic borders.

Carefully scored music gives way to unbridled improvisation, alternating between lyricism and virtuosity.


The result is a rich and moving musical universe, where violin, guitar and double bass converse freely.

Our music

Nomadim right on track...

Press, Radio, TV

Nomadim - L'Echo des PavanesRTS : Espace 2 - Vincent Zanetti
00:00 / 21:58
Nomadim - part 1Radio Cité - Gilles Soulhac
00:00 / 11:04
Nomadim - part 2Radio Cité - Gilles Soulhac
00:00 / 11:38
Nomadim : 11 janvierRadio Chablais - Cyrille Zoller
00:00 / 07:03
Marc Crofts - Entre les ÂgesRadio Cité - François-Xavier Poizat
00:00 / 1:00:18
Marc Crofts - 24 marsRadio Evasion - De Bouche à Oreille
00:00 / 31:46
Marc Crofts Trio : Th Band

The Band

Marc Crofts

Marc Crofts

Curious and passionate, Marc Crofts has immersed himself in a wide variety of different traditions, playing with musicians around the world, from Istanbul to Seville, developing a rich and personal musical sensibility in the process.


After completing jazz studies at the Lausanne conservatoire – strengthening his musical and narrative skills – Marc has continuously striven to expand his musical outlook, always adding a personal twist to tradition.

Founder of the band Gilgul (Balkan music), for who he wrote many originals, he also composes and performs regularly with a number of ensembles: Yolanda Almodovar Flamenco Band (Switzerland, Denmark, Spain in 2018 and 2019), Swing High, Gypson 5ive, Hotegezugt, etc.

Since 2018 he's been focusing mainly on his own trio project, NOMADIM with guitarist Railo Helmstetter and bassist Blaise Hommage.

His playing and compositions, a mosaic of influences, are channelled by his open personality.

Railo Helmstetter

Railo Helmstetter, an up-and-coming French jazz guitarist, was born into the Manouche tradition, but has developed his own, immediately identifiable sound, and a highly personal musical imprint.

In addition to his role as lead guitarist, Railo also performs as an adaptable and inventive sideman with the likes of Marcel Loeffler, Frank Wolf, Gregory Ott, etc.

In 2016 he co-founded the Ytre quartet with Engé and Tchatcho Helmstetter and the virtuoso violinist Yardani Torres Maiani.

He is also part of the classical flamenco ensemble Asteria, which is signed with the French label Harmonia Mundi.

He brings to NOMADIM his unique sensibility and irresistible groove

Railo Helmstetter

Blaise Hommage

Blaise Hommage is a seasoned musician, at ease both on acoustic double bass and electric bass. Gifted with an impressive technique and a rock solid rhythmic foundation, he stands out for the remarkable clarity of his musical vision.

He started studying music at the relatively late age of twenty, but went on to complete his musical education in record time, and has since received many awards and prizes.

Today he performs internationally with many different bands, in a variety of styles: jazz, Cuban music, fusion, soul, funk, pop, and more.

Over the years, he has collaborated with the likes of Gilad Hekselman, Pierre-Alain Goualch, Franck Aghulon, Cedric Henriot, Ohad Talmor, François Lindemann, Marcos Jimenez, Gauthier Toux, David Tixier, Anach Cuan, Valentin Conus, Michel Buhler, Jessica Vigneault and many more.

Blaise Hommage

Marc Crofts Trio on Stage!


Au Grès du Jazz – La Petite Pierre · KlangBasel Festival – Bâle · Cully Jazz Festival – Cully · Fondation Heim – Genève · Icogne Jazz Festival – Icogne · BCV Concert Hall – Lausanne · Caveau du Gouverneur – Montreux · Em Bebbi sy Jazz – Bâle · Lavaux Classic – Cully · Jazz en Rade – Vallée de Joux · Festival Arts & Performance – Chateau de Vullierens · Creative Strings Festival – Lausanne · Espace Django Strasbourg · JazzContreBande – Genève · Temple Neuf – Strasbourg   etc.